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Marperita was founded in 1952 by Capt. Pandelis Sanianos and his wife Anna Kassiani in order to provide Marine Surveying, Stevedoring Services, Vessel Chartering, Agency services, Ship repairs and maintenance, Cargo Inspections, and Freight Forwarding in central Mozambique. The company rapidly became the leading Maritime Services provider in Beira, and through the years has expanded it’s network to several international markets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

During the 1980’s, Marperita concentrated on developing its Consultancy and Trading activities, Vessel ownership and Project Management Projects in Southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Marperita has maintained family ownership, and today is now on its 3rd generation of Management.

Business Areas

With the Head Office based in Beira, as regional market leaders in 4PL Logistics, Marperita is committed to providing their Principals with a First Class Service in a variety of activities.

Our flexibility and vast experience enables us to provide our clients with a ‘One-point Solution’, specifically designed to satisfy the needs of their project.

We can perform either as an integral part of the Client’s team, or as a Peripheral Service Provider. Our Company structure facilitates our ability to provide long-term project support by establishing formal agreements, which permit flexible ‘as-and-when-required’ service options.

With familiarity in servicing large, International companies, counting on a long-list of satisfied clients as evidence of it’s success, Marperita is well positioned to facilitate organizations seeking to develop large scale projects in the region.

The validation of assumptions and processing of accurate information is often one of the major challenges when developing new projects. Our consultancy team can assist with transportation, asset planning, infrastructure analysis, marine engineering necessities, cost estimates, independent due-diligence, and expert reports.

Marperita operates a dedicated consultancy department that focuses on providing a leading research and advisory service to international clients whilst outsourcing key functions of their business to local businesses and partners. We work directly with leaders who can partner with us to develop and accept recommendations and have the ability to solve them. We rely on multiple people, not a single consultant or a single office, and can draw on a global network of expertise to bring together the right people for the right solutions.

Our Consultancy Department focuses on providing Research and Advisory services to its clients, including but is not limited to:

  • Independent Due-Diligence
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Asset Planning
  • Cost Estimates
  • Marine Transport and Engineering requirements
  • Other Transport requirements
  • Expert Reports

Marperita has a branch office based in Lisbon, Portugal in order to facilitate International Business Development and create opportunities for Mozambique outside its geographic boarders. Accordingly, we are open to receive International clients both in Mozambique and outside.

Company culture

Expertise, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Loyalty

Marperita are Professionals servicing Professionals. We employ people who are smart, passionate and curious, and then give them the support they need to flourish. Our success derives from exceptional individual effort and great teamwork. We share our expectations with each other in order to align our goals and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

Marperita’s corporate integrity is paramount to us. Committed to providing services to Worldwide Commercial Interests, we set and abide by high ethical standards as we conduct our business.

We have a “hands-on” role in each project that Marperita is involved in, and place a strong emphasis on the delivery of superior service levels to ensure client satisfaction, every time.


Team photo

Our Senior Management team has vast experience in the Shipping industry with expertise from across the Maritime and Logistics sector. Our staff and Consultants have held senior positions at Major Corporations, including: Shell (UK), LISNAVE (PT), Clarksons (UK), Casebourne Leach, Abel & Co. (UK), Seamaster (PT), Bureau Veritas (ZA), OBC - Government of Angola, CFM (Mozambique ) , Sea Harvest (ZA) and Technoserve (Mozambique ).

Our team speaks most major European languages and business is conducted in both English and Portuguese as standard.

Argiro Sanianos Stocker photo

Argiro Sanianos Stocker

The daughter of the founder of Marperita, Argiro has over 40 years experience in International Business. Her experience in developing infrastructure projects, ship owning, chartering, and consultancy in various maritime and logistics services, contributes valued competitive advantage to our Business. Most notably having negotiated and executed Marperita’s trading and support services for the Angolan government, established long term ties with Mozambican Partners, and harbored the development of an efficient organizational strategy.

John Stocker photo

John Stocker

John has over 50 years year’s of experience in all aspects of the Maritime industry and has held senior positions with leading organizations worldwide. Prior to joining Marperita’s Consultancy team he practiced as an Independent Marine Surveyor for various Hull and Machinery Underwriters through the Salvage Association of London, The United States Salvage Association and various P&I Clubs. He has also held an appointment by Bureau Veritas Salvage Association as an Exclusive Surveyor in Southern Africa. In 2006 Marperita, through John, was appointed as Technical Advisor in Maritime matters to the board of CFM and was responsible for the upgrading of the CFM Oil Terminal at Matola Port, amongst other major Infrastructure programs carried out by CFM. In 2010 John was requested – to which he accepted – to assume the role and responsibilities of Harbour Master of the Port of Beira. His contribution to the regeneration of the Maritime Services of CFM brought great improvements to that Port.

John’s expertise and knowledge has greatly contributed to the successful implementation of many client ventures. As a demonstration of his integrity, in order to accept the Beira Harbour Master appointment he withdrew from any participation in Marperita. He completed this contract with CFM in August 2012 and rejoined our team as Technical Advisor in January 2013.

Anna Stocker-Hadley photo

Anna Stocker-Hadley

Mrs. Stocker-Hadley has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a Masters of Science in Operations & Supply Chain Management from the University of Liverpool, and a licensed member of the The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply. She is currently responsible for the business development, financial control and consultancy services of Marperita. Prior to joining the company, Mrs. Hadley had worked with a variety of institutions mainly in the development sector such as TechnoServe, US Department of Agriculture, and USAID, in addition to victorious and tangible outcomes of Millennium Challenge Corporation Tenders and formation of new Mozambican Government Associations (Associação Moçambicana de Avicultores). Her expertise and key relationships within Mozambique allows for the facilitation and successful development of Marperita and it’s client’s initiatives.

Carl Hadley photo

Carl Hadley

Prior to joining Marperita, Mr. Hadley benefited from 7 years experience in supply-chain consulting at General Electric - UK where he led several projects in the areas of operations management and insurance. Subsequently Mr. Hadley took a position in the area of Operations Management with Seamaster Lda based in Lisbon, Portugal where main operations took place in Brazil and Angola. Mr. Hadley holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Geography from the Open University, Winchester, and has served in the British Armed forces. He is currently responsible for Marperita’s operational activities, and New Project Implementation and Development. Mr. Hadley’s experience in management, conflict resolution, and Port operations enables effective leadership of our team while fulfilling diverse client requirements.

Regina Salgado photo

Regina Salgado

Ms. Salgado joined Marperita in 2007, after working with NAVIQUE (a Mozambican Maritime Transport Organization) for over 18 years. Her local knowledge of operations and key supplier relationships contributes to Marperita’s ability to provide a one-stop service. Her ability to control a successful agency team has contributed greatly to Marperita’s daily, on-the-ground Services.

Filipe Mendosa photo

Filipe Mendosa

Mr. Mendosa has benefits from many years of experience through long-term employment with Cornelder de Mozambique, a private JV between Moçambique Ports and Railways (CFM) and Cornelder Holdings based in Rotterdam – Holland, which has operated the Container and General Cargo Terminals in the Port of Beira since October 1998. Mr. Mendosa is a key element to the outcome of many of Marperita’s cargo agency operations. With over 20 years of local experience in this sector, his ability to organize and manage documentation, verify bureaucratic processes and relevant certifications has resulted in proven savings for Marperita’s clients.

Anabela Maveto photo

Anabela Maveto

Mrs. Maveto’s experience in administration and office control enables Marperita to manage client complimentary support services to a greater degree of effectiveness. She currently holds a diploma in Human Resources and Book Keeping, in addition to having multiple year’s experience as an Executive Assistance.