Founded in 1952 by Capt. Pandelis Sanianos and his wife Anna Kassiani, Marperita rapidly became the leading Maritime Services supplier in central Mozambique.

Through the years, the company has engaged in complementary business projects in other African countries, Europe and the Middle East.

Marperita has maintained family ownership throughout, and is today on its 3rd generation of in-house Management, having passed over from Argiro Sanianos - Stocker and husband John Stocker, to Anna Stocker-Hadley and husband Carl Hadley who presently lead the organization into new business areas and benefit from industry related partnerships to deliver high-level performance and sustainability to their clients.

Business Areas

With the Head Office based in Maputo, Marperita is committed to providing their clients with a First Class Service in a variety of activities.

Our flexibility and vast experience enables us to provide our clients with full project integration and service modification to satisfy project-specific needs.

We can perform either as an integral part of the Client’s team, or as an external service provider. The company’s structure facilitates our ability to provide long-term project support by easily establishing formal agreements, permitting adaptable service options due to our centralized “hands-on” management style.

With familiarity in servicing large, International companies, counting on a long-list of satisfied clients as evidence of it’s success, Marperita is well positioned to facilitate organizations seeking to develop large scale projects in the region. Please reach out for more detailed information regarding past projects.

  1. The processing of accurate information is often one of the major challenges when developing new projects, especially in unfamiliar landscapes. Our consultancy team can assist with transportation organization, asset planning, cost estimates, independent due-diligence, expert reports, identifying local suppliers, procurement, and localization.

  2. Marperita operates a dedicated consultancy department that focuses on providing a leading research and advisory service to international clients whilst outsourcing key functions of their business to trusted local businesses and partners.

  3. We work directly with leaders who can partner with us to develop and accept recommendations and have the ability to solve them.

    We rely on multiple people, not a single consultant or a single office, and can draw on a global network of expertise to bring together the right people for the right solutions.

Marperita has a representative office based in, Portugal in order to facilitate International Business Development and create opportunities for Mozambique outside its geographic boarders.

Company culture

  1. Expertise
  2. Reliability
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Loyalty

Marperita are Professionals servicing Professionals. We employ people who are smart, passionate and curious, and then give them the support they need to flourish. Our success derives from exceptional individual effort and great teamwork. We share our expectations with each other in order to align our goals and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

Marperita’s corporate integrity is paramount to us. Committed to providing services to Worldwide Commercial Interests, we set and abide by high ethical standards as we conduct our business.

We have a “hands-on” role in each project that Marperita is involved in, and place a strong emphasis on the delivery of superior service levels to ensure client satisfaction, every time.

Our Senior Management team has vast and long term experience in the Shipping industry, with expertise from across the Maritime and Logistics sector.

Building a team with focus on local Mozambican empowerment is of utmost importance and a large contributing factor to the success and development of our business.